VRIO – Realize Your Potential

(Sessions to be held for Students at Institutes)

Students are the future of our country. We see them as powerful tools which are going to determine what our country will be like in the next generation. With a motive to inspire such bright minds and share with them some experiential learning of the success principles, we have developed ‘VRIO – Realize Your Potential Program’.

Studies show that every individual frames his/her thinking mechanism (mind) till the age of seven. Now the brain is a self-organizing machine in which incoming information organizes itself into patterns. The brain only needs to recognize the pattern and then follow along the track. Human brains use established patterns over 90% of our thinking and our behaviour. This makes changing the attitude of students’ almost impossible.

We do not claim to bring about a change in attitude, but foster some need to challenge these patterns from time to time in order to set up better patterns. So if they are successful and happy in their lives, our overall society will be at an advantage.

In the presentation, a one hour talk, Dilshad will share the principles and steps to be successful in life. It is an impactfulinteractive session with lots of examples and demonstrations which will help students understand the concept, inspire them to dream big and learn the steps to achieve their dreams.

Resource Person: Dilshad Jalnawalla. She is passionate about inspiring and motivating young people to dream big and turn the dreams into reality. She is eminently qualified to carry out this noble task given her background as a teacher, a researcher, a mentor, and above all, a human being of sterling qualities who can be a shining example to anyone with high aspirations.

To hold a session at your Institute, contact djalnawalla@gmail.com or call 9611322298.We hope to be a part of your student’s success story soon.

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