VRIO – Realize Your Potential Program

(Personalized Program for Individual Students)

Imagine yourself filled with happiness and fulfilment. You will become a person who knows to enjoy work, achieve outstanding results and go the extra mile for your dreams. You can transform into a person who creates your reality. Dilshad can be your coach on your journey towards your goal by:

  • Motivating you
  • Using Visualization Technique
  • Helping you strategically plan your route to your goals
  • Helping you realize your full potential

Program Details:

Duration of the program: 3 months (90 days)


  1. Pdf manual to understand the program
  2. Six one to one video calls
  3. Daily What’s-app motivational messages
  4. The Trainer will be available on call with prior appointment.

Prerequisite: Discipline, A desire to learn and achieve something better

Contents of the Program:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Contemplate
    1. Positive attitude
    2. Patience
    3. Time management
    4. Discipline
    5. Responsibility
    6. People’s Plan
    7. Focus
    8. Confidence in the Trainer
    9. Value System
  3. Implementation
    1. Strategic planning
    2. Journal
    3. Visualization Technique
    4. Feedback system

Is Success Guaranteed? There are many factors responsible for success of one’s goals and no one can guarantee success. At the same time, there is a promise from the trainer’s side to leave no stone unturned to help you reach your goal (This statement presumes that you put in the effort required.)

Fees: “Pay as you wish”

For more details Contact Ms. Dilshad Jalnawalla at djalnawalla@gmail.com or call 9611322298.     

It is time now, to get what your heart truly desired

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