Avoid These 10 Phrases

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1. That’s the way we have always done it.

Some people ask why; others ask why not; yet others are happy with the status quo.

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2. I did what you told me to do.

The implication is that it is not your fault that you messed up something but that of your supervisor for not maintaining a constant vigil.

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3. I’m not feeling well enough.

All of us go under the weather sometimes. A few have to live with genuine medical issues. However, using this as an excuse for inaction is the pinnacle of being unprofessional.

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4. It is none of your business.

Really? This is the 21st century. Your competitors probably know your “secrets” better than your colleagues. Refusing to share relevant information is a hangover from colonial days.

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5. That was my idea.

Ideas are great. How about some execution?

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6. That’s not my job.

Applies only to government officials. For the rest of us, everything is a part of the job.

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7. You know what I mean?

Once in awhile it is good to make sure that you and your listener are on the same wavelength. Repeated often, it is annoying and discourteous.

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8. Sorry I’m late.

Happens to all of us once in a while. If it is a habit though, you are conveying you don’t value others’ time.

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9. We have big plans.

Plans are nice. Time for some real achievement.

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10. They may never notice.

Passing sloppy work as something of quality takes the cake for being unprofessional (check your e-mail at least twice before hitting the send button).

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Avoid these ten phrases. Soar high.



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