10 Things That Will Change Your Life

Let us start with a clear understanding.

This is not an instant self-help primer.

Rather, it is the distilled wisdom that, if practiced every moment and every day, will change your life for the better.

We see the world around us and we get angry, jump up and down, swear, curse, shout, tweet something inconsequential, re-tweet something even more inconsequential, and by the end of the day, our mind is so cluttered with useless thoughts that we cannot sleep well.

What a life!

Let me tell you a story.

This is a Biblical story and happens just before The Last Supper – an event that would bring about unprecedented changes in the world order.

The disciples arrive after a hard day’s work. Remember where and when this happened. The feet of the disciples are covered with mud. In those days, whenever a guest arrived, it was customary for a servant to bring a bowl of water and wash the guest’s feet before the guest entered the house.

How fascinating is the similarity of cultures! In our culture too, whenever anyone (either a family member or a guest) returned home, they had to first wash their feet and hands before entering the house. This practice is prevalent in many of our villages even today.

Let us get back to The Last Supper. Under normal circumstances, a servant would have appeared to wash the feet of the disciples.

On that day, Jesus picks up a towel, ties it around his waist, picks up a large bowl of water and a small pitcher, and bends down to wash the feet of his disciples. Peter is shocked. He asks Jesus what he is doing. Jesus says if you want others to follow you, you should set the right example. Thus, even as he was preparing to launch what would become one of the great movements in history, Jesus displayed an extraordinary level of humility and servant leadership – leadership as an opportunity to serve and not to be served.

Forget the religious part of the story. Forget the philosophy. Forget the movement. Forget everything.

Just think of one word that encapsulates what Jesus did:


Yes, we see the world in a way and behave accordingly because we have lost our capacity to be kind.

Here are ten things you can do every moment and every day. Do this for a month. If you don’t see positive changes, curse me all you want.

  1. Start the day with a silent “Thank You.” Look at the morning light, take a five-minute walk, savor the fresh air and say, “Thank You.” Say Thank You (loudly but gently) as many times as you can during the day.
  2. Show gratitude – to everyone you come across.
  3. Demonstrate empathy – why is the other person angry? Sad? Indifferent? Try to understand others from their perspective.
  4. Be humble – remember that pride is our “enemy” No.2.
  5. Appreciate the good in others – from the smallest of actions to the grandest of ideas.
  6. Apologize gracefully – we all make mistakes. Say, “I am sorry” from the heart. An apology paves the way for a new beginning.
  7. Be loving to everyone – family, friends, and colleagues. Let positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings flow between you and others.
  8. Ask for help – we cannot accomplish everything by ourselves. Ask for help whenever necessary.
  9. Offer help – to others whenever they need it.

10.Finally, learn when to stay silent. Consciously drop the habit of entering an argument about everything with anyone. Remind yourself that we have two ears and only one tongue. Keep their use in like proportion.

Be kind.

Be happy.


Dilshad and Krishna


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