What is thevrio?

First up, we owe a deep sense of gratitude to Professor Barney.

Professor Barney introduced the VRIO framework in 1995.

Thevrio is an acronym that we have adopted for our enterprise.

Thevrio stands for the valuable, rare, inimitable, organization.

Our mission is to provide valuable insights that anyone or team or organization can use to advantage.

Our services are rare because we research scholarly articles, original ideas from the masters, best practices from around the globe, and the cultural context in which events happen, and metamorphose the ideas into a simple format, audio, or video that anyone can follow.

We are inimitable since what we do is the result of the collective experience of 500+ years of corporate and academic experience. The collective expertise will grow as other passionate people choose to join us in our journey.

As an organization, we are committed uncompromisingly to time-tested values such as integrity, truth, and an appreciation of diverse and contradictory perspectives. Our organizational culture is embedded in psychological safety – we freely disagree with each other on many issues even as we remain friends for life.

As a species, we face many challenges – inequality, new diseases for which cures are not on the horizon, conflict, stress, climate change, environmental degradation, extreme poverty – the list is endless.

We accept with humility that the problems of today may not have solutions in the foreseeable future. We recognize that no individual, group, society, or country can face the challenges alone. We appreciate that some of the issues have deep-rooted causes and any attempt to address the issues require patience,  perseverance and resilience – GRIT, to use Professor Angela Duckworth‘s phrase.

Our vision therefore is to leave a legacy that the young people of today will carry with resoluteness and conviction, certain about just one thing – perfection is in ideal to be cherished, perhaps never to be achieved. Failure is but a stepping stone to success.

Come, join us on this journey.

Let us make this a planet that we can all be proud of, with a touch of humility!

In the process, we can find happiness, peace, and sensitivity all around us – and we can each find our place under the Sun.

Isn’t that a goal worthy of pursuit?

Yours in Optimism

Dilshad and Krishna


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